About Us

We are a collective of Edmonton doulas who are passionate about positive birth experiences and health equity for all.

The experience of birth is entirely transformative, bringing with it endless curiosities, deeply felt emotions, and the beginning of a beautiful new season of your life.

Our hope is to offer meaningful care all throughout your prenatal journey, your birth, and your postpartum time by ways of evidence-based knowledge, physical support, and emotional strength.



“Lauren’s timely suggestions of changing positions allowed me to give my energy to moving through each contraction, instead of pondering the physical state of my labouring body. She was a godsend in helping Steven set up and fill the birth pool; nobody should ever have to do that alone. Once I got into the pool, it was often Lauren’s face I was looking up to or her hands I was squeezing through contractions. Equally so, she had a knack for seemingly disappearing when Steven was supporting me. That’s a true & rare talent to have. Lauren’s birthing intuition, mindfulness, and peaceful aura completed our birth team. I feel incredibly grateful to have had her present at the birth of our son.”

— Aislin, Steven, & Sterling