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Birth Support
Birth Support

Initial Care Consultation

Let's meet in a space comfortable to you - your home, a coffee shop, outside for a stroll - and spend some time talking about how you're feeling right now, how you'd like to feel throughout your pregnancy and birth, and how you envision a doula supporting you throughout every step. Our doulas are more than happy to answer questions about the definition & role of a doula, and an initial consultation is always free of charge.

Prenatal Consultations

Across two prenatal sessions, we will work together to prepare for your upcoming birth. This means focusing on emotions, concerns, and knowledge surrounding a number of topics, including the natural process of labour, outlining your birth preferences, reviewing a variety of coping techniques, and discussing everything from primary care provider recommendations to what your support network looks like.

Unlimited 24/7 Prenatal Phone & Email Support

We will stay in contact via phone (texts & calls) and email throughout your entire pregnancy. In best practice, our doulas go 'on-call' two weeks prior to your estimated due date.

Access to our Lending Library & Evidence-based Research Database

Knowledge is power, and knowledge in birth is most powerful. Not only are we dedicated to staying well-versed in prominent, outstanding, and developing evidence-based research surrounding birth practices, we also encourage our clients to read about their pregnancy and parenting wants, needs, wishes, and wonders.

Dedicated Support during Labor & Birth

Our priority in being present during your birth journey - through each stage of labour - is to help you (and your partner & family) feel supported, safe, and cared for however we can. This support looks different for every birth; it is encouragement through early labour, calm reassurance to a worried partner, physical support at the most intense moments, accessible knowledge of the endless different comfort measures, and a confident presence to find solace in.

Postpartum Care

When your new family has had some time to get to know one another, we will arrange a day & time to visit, at home or in the hospital. This is the time to ask any & all questions about recovery, parenting, and feeding. It can also be a time for gentle reflection of your birth journey and all the emotions you feel surrounding your experiences.

Images by Tia Biggs | shared with permission

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