Our Postpartum Team

Lynne Hill

Lynne was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada 7 years ago with her husband and 3 children. Since coming to Canada, Lynne has taken both birth (DONA) and postpartum (CAPPA) doula training in pursuit of tools to support new families. She uses a nurturing, hands-on approach when supporting clients. She is also the part-time office administrator at St Albert Community Midwives + Rinita Birth Centre. ​Lynne loves being outdoors in all seasons and also has a passion for photography.

Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey is a certified Holistic Doula and trained Full Spectrum Doula. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is an accredited La Leche League leader. She has worked in human services for 8 years and finds that her heart's work is in supporting others. Kelsey believes that birth is a whole body experience and that each birthing person deserves unwavering and judgement free support rooted in evidence based practices. 


When not supporting clients Kelsey enjoys spending times with her children and dogs, crafting, and thrifting.