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Lactation Support

A lactation professional can support new families and growing babies for many reasons, including:

- Pain while breastfeeding

- Nipple shield 101

- Latching challenges

-Milk supply issues (from low to abundant supply)

-Pathological concerns such as clogged ducts, mastitis, and chronic engorgement

-Support with milk expression and pumping

- Optimal feeding positions

- Support inducing lactation for non-gestational parents

Prenatal Consult

A prenatal consult sets the foundation for a smoother initiation of breastfeeding. This education meeting will help prepare you for what is to come but is also tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. Virtual & In-person options are available.

Postpartum Consult

This in-hospital or in-home visit can be used for both educational and assessment purposes. We can help support you through the many challenges that may present themselves when breast/chest feeding while also making referrals when appropriate. 

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