Our Team

Lauren Calleja

Lauren is primarily supporting lactation clients and accepting birth clients only on a referral basis.

Lauren is a Certified Lactation Educator and Birth Doula, with a BA in Political Science. She is a mother of two young sons and enjoys everything birth & babies! Her passion is breastfeeding and chestfeeding support, offering both virtual and home/ hospital visits. When she isn't supporting families, she spends her time volunteering for the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, outdoors with her husband and sons or curled up with a hot cup of coffee and a book! 

Lauren's Ideal Client: Lauren believes in the intuitive magic that is birth and breastfeeding/ chestfeeding. She feels most at home working alongside midwives and providing lactation support for parents!

Kate Topola

Kate found her passion for this work after the birth of her second child. It was then that she learned that birth happens best when you feel safe and that you feel safest when you're empowered by informed choice. The grounding and nurturing support she received from her own doula inspired her to become a doula herself. Kate became a Certified Holistic Doula training with The Matrona and also took Birth Doula Training through DONA International. Outside of her birth support role you can find Kate in her garden or enjoying the slow living on her hobby farm tending to her children and animals.


Kate's ideal client: Someone who simply wants compassionate grounding support and nurturing reassurance through their birthing transformation. She looks forward to serving and nurturing birthing people in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Lynne Hill

Lynne was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada 7 years ago with her husband and 3 children. Since coming to Canada, Lynne has taken both birth (DONA) and postpartum (CAPPA) doula training in pursuit of tools to support new families. She proudly sports the title of "Birth Support Person" and uses a nurturing, hands-on approach when supporting clients. During the day, she can typically be found at St Albert Community Midwives where she is the office administrator. ​Lynne loves being outdoors in all seasons and also has a passion for photography.

Lynne's Ideal Client: Someone who appreciates an intuitive and compassionate approach to birth support. 

Tia Biggs

As of August 2022 Tia will be beginning to full time studies as an MD student at the U of A. While in school, she will be taking a very limited number of repeat/referral birth doula + birth photography clients on a case-by-case basis. Availability for Summer 2023 will be updated in the coming months.  

Tia is a certified birth and postpartum doula, and trained childbirth educator. She recently completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta & has aspirations to continue onto a career in medicine. Tia was a founding board member of the Doula Association of Alberta & is one of five doulas appointed to sit on a collaborative committee with Alberta Health Services to strengthen relationships between doulas & healthcare providers. She self identifies as being quite type A, but is always up for a good laugh and a tasteful f-bomb. When not supporting growing families, Tia can be found on the golf course, in the mountains, or learning something new.

Tia's Ideal Client: Someone who is passionate about evidenced based care and committed to learning but also enjoys lighthearted banter and playful communication.

Aislin McIntyre

Aislin is a certified birth worker and childbirth education student. She felt like the stars aligned when she discovered this role within the birth community while completing a degree in psychology at UBCO over seven years ago. She has since welcomed her own two babes - both at home, both in the water! Her philosophy of support is a balance between candid conversation having, intuitive gut trusting, & evidence based educating. When off-call, Aislin can usually be found out & about in her beloved home city, a good book always within reach, or planning family getaways to escape the cold & the ever-growing piles of laundry!


Aislin's Ideal Client: A person birthing a baby (or babies!) where ever & how ever they hope to, who is looking to feel safe, supported, & heard; it doesn’t get much more ideal than that.

Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey is a certified Holistic Doula and trained Full Spectrum Doula. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is an accredited La Leche League leader. She has worked in human services for 8 years and finds that her heart's work is in supporting others. Kelsey believes that birth is a whole body experience and that each birthing person deserves unwavering and judgement free support rooted in evidence based practices. 


When not supporting clients Kelsey enjoys spending times with her children and dogs, crafting, and thrifting. 


Kelsey's Ideal Client: Someone who is looking for support to make the decisions they feel are best for them with lots of conversations and exploration of birth preferences and desires. And enjoys a good laugh! 

Kiarra Sampson

Kiarra is a DONA trained birth doula. Kiarra has been fascinated with birth since childhood growing up on a farm, helping to birth calves and kittens. After supporting a family member through her birth, she knew she needed to continue this amazing work.  Kiarra has a Bachelor of Sciences, and a Masters in School and Child Psychology. During her day-to-day life, she works as a Registered Psychologist for Edmonton Public Schools. While not working she loves being outdoors, playing with her son, knitting, and gardening.



Kiarra's Ideal Client: Anyone who is looking to be supported physically and emotionally birthing their babe! Birth is an instinctual process and she hopes to support birth givers who have a desire to follow their intuition and listen to their bodies