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Placenta encapsulation

The postpartum period is a huge transition in a very short amount of time.  The placenta is a temporary organ created by the body during pregnancy that delivers oxygen & nutrients to a developing baby.  It contains many vitamins, minerals, hormones and properties which may be beneficial to postpartum healing and recovery.  While there is little evidence based information available, anecdotal reports are overwhelmingly positive.  Some potential benefits noticed by birthing people who have ingested their placenta after birth are: 

-Increased milk supply

-Increase in postnatal iron levels

-Assistance in postpartum recovery both physically & hormonally

-Decrease in “baby blues” & postpartum mood disorders

-Decrease in postnatal bleeding

-Increased energy levels

-Decrease in fatigue & stress hormones

We follow the traditional method of encapsulation based on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); the placenta is steamed & infused with lemon and ginger before being dehydrated following the food and safety guidelines. The placenta is then sliced and placed into a food grade dehydrator. Once the placenta is fully dehydrating, it is ground to a powder and processed into capsules. The number of personal capsules yielded is dependent on the size of the placenta. We also offer a Placenta Tincture that takes 6 weeks to mature and has no expiry date; the tincture has been reported to aid in balancing hormones and may be beneficial in treating PMS symptoms, menopause or assisting in any big emotional event throughout your life.


Your umbilical cord may be lovingly shaped and dried to preserve & treasure upon request.

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