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Postpartum Support

Free Consultation

We will happily meet with any family interested in services. Edmonton is lucky to have a thriving community of doulas and it is a priority of ours that each family has an opportunity to find the right doula for them.

Practical, Family-centred Information

Our postpartum doulas have received training on topics that include but are not limited to breastfeeding, postpartum mental health, and newborn care. If something comes up that is beyond the scope of this training, we will happily make an appropriate referral.

Feeding Support

Postpartum doula training places a major emphasis on breastfeeding education. Our team prioritizes the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of you and your child, whether it be through breastmilk, formula, or a balanced combination.

Newborn & Household Care

Postpartum support can also include basic housekeeping, meal prep, newborn care, baby laundry and more. 

Emotional Support

The transition to parenthood, whether it be your first or fifth baby, is often accompanied by major changes. A postpartum doula can act as a source of support through this transition and make appropriate mental health referrals.

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