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Childbirth Education

Offered through a partnership with The Birth Atelier, prenatal childbirth education is available in an online, self-paced format.

Birth Basics

The first of three, birth basics lays the foundation for a thorough, physiologically sound understanding of birth. Our focus is on the stages and phases of birth as well as the ways that we can influence and support the birthing process. Both medicated and unmedicated birth are fully represented throughout this course.

Advocacy & Support

After building a foundational understanding of birth, this course takes things one step further by exploring several ways to support informed choice. The second part of this course was designed to provide tools for the birth partner to provide more comprehensive and meaningful support. 

Exploring Evidence

Our final course is designed for families who would like to become acquainted with a variety of research findings pertaining to the perinatal period. This course is best suited for families who want to take a deeper dive into the scientific reasoning behind policies and recommendations in order to ask more specific and in-depth questions while also gaining a greater literacy to understand the answers. 

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