Birth Support

Initial Care Consultation

Let's meet in a space comfortable to you - your home, a coffee shop, outside for a stroll - and spend some time talking about how you're feeling right now, how you'd like to feel throughout your pregnancy and birth, and how you envision a doula supporting you throughout every step. Our doulas are more than happy to answer questions about the definition & role of a doula, and an initial consultation is always free of charge.

Prenatal Consultation

Using our initial meeting as a foundation, we will discuss the details of your upcoming birth. This means focusing on your emotions, thoughts, and knowledge surrounding a number of topics, including the natural process of labour and delivery, your current health care providers, and what your support network looks like.

Unlimited 24/7 Prenatal Phone & Email Support

We will stay in contact via phone (texts & calls) and email throughout your entire pregnancy.

In best practice, our doulas go 'on call' for the two weeks before & two weeks after your expected due date.

Access to our Lending Library & Evidence-based Research Database

Knowledge is power, and knowledge in birth is most powerful. Not only are we dedicated to staying well-versed in prominent, outstanding, and developing evidence-based research surrounding birth practices, we also encourage our clients to read about their pregnancy and parenting wants, needs, wishes, and wonders.

Dedicated Support during Labor & Birth

Our priority in being present during your birth journey - through each stage of labour - is to help you (and your partner & family) feel supported, safe, and cared for however we can. This support looks different for every birth; it is encouragement through early labour, calm reassurance to a worried partner, physical support at the most intense moments, accessible knowledge of the endless different comfort measures, and a confident presence to find solace in.

Postpartum Care

When your new family has had some time to get to know one another, we will arrange a day & time to visit, at home or in the hospital. This is the time to ask any & all questions about recovery, parenting, and feeding. It can also be a time for gentle reflection of your birth journey and all the emotions you feel surrounding your experiences.


Lactation Support


Prenatal Consult

A prenatal consult sets the foundation for a smother initiation of breastfeeding. This education meeting will help prepare you for what is to come but is also tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. 

Postpartum Consult

This in-person meeting can be used for both educational and assessment purposes. Our CLE, Lauren can help to work through many challenges you may have with breast/chest feeding while also making referrals when appropriate. 

Text/Phone Support

Following a prenatal or postpartum consult, Lauren will remain remotely available to answer any questions that may arise after your meeting.


Childbirth Education

Online or In-home

Offered through The Birth Atelier, childbirth education is available both online or in person. All in-person childbirth education will also include access to the online platform. Three separate classes are available, allowing clients to pick and choose what they would find most valuable. 

Birth Basics

The first of three, birth basics lays the foundation for a thorough, physiologically sound understanding of birth. Our focus is on the stages and phases of birth as well as the ways that we can influence and support the birthing process. Both medicated and unmedicated birth are fully represented throughout this course.

Advocacy & Support

After building a foundational understanding of birth, this course takes things one step further by exploring several ways to support informed choice. The second part of this course was designed to provide tools for the birth partner to provide more comprehensive and meaningful support. 

Exploring Evidence

Our final course is designed for families who would like to become acquainted with a variety of research findings pertaining to the perinatal period. This course is best suited for families who want to take a deeper dive into the scientific reasoning behind policies and recommendations in order to ask more specific and in-depth questions while also gaining a greater literacy to understand the answers. 


Postpartum Support

Free Consultation

We will happily meet with any family interested in services. Edmonton is lucky to have a thriving community of doulas and it is a priority of ours that each family has an opportunity to find the right doula for them.

Optional Prenatal Meeting

This visit will be used to clarify timelines and support preferences so that all the technicalities are taken care of before baby is born.

Professional Information

Our postpartum doulas have received training on topics that include but are not limited to breastfeeding, postpartum mental health, and newborn care. If something comes up that is beyond the scope of this training, we will happily make an appropriate referral.

Feeding Support

Postpartum doula training places a major emphasis on breastfeeding education That said, the physical and emotional wellbeing of you and your child are always the top priority whether it be through breastmilk or formula. 

Newborn & Household Care

Postpartum support can also include basic housekeeping, meal prep, newborn care, baby laundry and more. 

Emotional Support

The transition to parenthood, whether it be your first or fifth baby, is often accompanied by major changes. A postpartum doula can act as a source of support through this transition and make appropriate mental health referrals.

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