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If you are a past client of Beautiful Blessings & would like to share your experience with our collective please fill out this form and/or leave us a review on Facebook!

"When we started our pregnancy journey we didn’t know what a doula was let alone how thankful we would be to have Aislin by our side during the process. Aislin is incredibly knowledgeable and went out of her way to assist both us and our surrogate. We were informed of upcoming baby first aid classes and when our bub came early she was there to comfort and support us when our perfect birth plan was no longer an option. Of course my husband and I had each other but the knowledge and emotional support Aislin provided us with was without question something we remain truly thankful for to this day.

Pregnancy is beautiful but also unpredictable and having Aislin a text or phone call away was a huge comfort. We remain in contact with Aislin and will continue to keep her and her family updated with photos and memories of our beautiful daughter Evelyn.

When it’s time to get prepared for baby number two Aislin will be the first person we call. We can’t imagine another surrogacy journey without her."

-Jackson and charlie

“The days leading up to the birth were filled with false starts and questions (despite this being my 4th birth). Lynne was always available by phone or text and it was reassuring to know that she would be available to answer my questions, if needed. When the time did finally come, I called her in the middle of the night. She wasted no time and arrived within the half hour, despite the fact that I had roused her from her sleep, and the 20 minute drive from her place to mine. She arrived with equipment to help with pain management, and most importantly, with focus and attentiveness to my needs. Her encouraging voice is what got me through the toughest of my four births.”

Brandee LeBlanc

"Working with Tia was a pleasant experience for both and my wife and I. Having our first baby we didn’t know exactly what to expect but Tia was able to support us and offer educated answers to many of our questions. Working with Tia as a doula was a very positive experience as a first time father, Tia never over stepped any boundaries with us or any of the professional health staff yet she was always able to ensure our best interests were taken care of. I can’t say enough good things about how beneficial it was to have a doula available to be there to support us throughout the special event. Tia was super friendly, fun, kind, knowledgeable and will be a recommendation to all of our friends and family. Thank you Tia! "

- BK, new dad

Kate is truly an AMAZING doula!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is genuine, caring and is meant to be doing this as a career. She has this beautiful and calming energy about her that always made me feel at ease. She was such great emotional support for both me and my husband. She was there for me anytime I had any questions and would always give me thorough responses or provide resources for me to look at. Kate would also follow up  on any issues I was asking her about which showed me that she really cared. I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to have Kate for the birth of my daughter and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


I feel so lucky to have been supported by these wonderful women during my pregnancy and delivery. Kelsey & Kiarra were incredibly knowledgeable but also willing to learn and find information for me to assay my fears. Their kindness and caring throughout the pregnancy made it the easiest it possibly could have been. And having Kelsey with me at the birth of my daughter meant the world, she helped me feel powerful and safe. I could not be more pleased with my experience and highly recommend them to anyone in need of doula services.


“Lauren’s timely suggestions of changing positions allowed me to give my energy to moving through each contraction, instead of pondering the physical state of my labouring body. She was a godsend in helping Steven set up and fill the birth pool; nobody should ever have to do that alone. Once I got into the pool, it was often Lauren’s face I was looking up to or her hands I was squeezing through contractions. Equally so, she had a knack for seemingly disappearing when Steven was supporting me. That’s a true & rare talent to have. Lauren’s birthing intuition, mindfulness, and peaceful aura completed our birth team. I feel incredibly grateful to have had her present at the birth of our son.”


We could not be happier with our Beautiful Blessings experience. In fact, we cannot imagine having gone through this season of life without the amazing and ongoing support from Lauren, Aislin and Tia. 

Lauren was our rock through both a difficult labour and difficult early lactation experience. We absolutely could not have done it without her expertise, commitment to our care, and her smiles. We were blessed to have Lauren’s lactation expertise and support. She promptly identified some challenges our son was having, even when other medical care providers overlooked them. She advocated for us and helped us advocate for ourselves every step of the way. 

110% recommend inviting these amazing women into your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. 

Hannah, Matt and Jay

I’m so grateful and blessed that I had Tia as my Doula. I had extreme anxiety about having my second baby as my first birth experience with my Son was awful. She heard my concerns and listened to exactly what I wanted with this birth. I wanted to do a VBAC and she supported me and provided me with informative evidence based facts. This was very important to me as sometimes you don’t get a lot of information at the hospital. Anything that the doctors or nurses said to me was clarified by Tia if needed. She provided me with facts but also provided emotional support to help me relax during labour. She was advocating for me and helping me advocate for myself which was much appreciated. Having a Doula completely changed my birth experience for the better. I would absolutely recommend Tia she is the so amazing!


My experience with Kate was amazing. She is kind, patient, accommodating. During the time I was in labour, pregnant, and after my child was born, she was always diligent to make sure I was ok. The techniques she used to help me get through it all were incredibly helpful. I've never had a better experience with pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum till I had met Kate. So understanding and super supportive all around. I will never forget the experience I had as it was super positive as opposed to my other births. 


Aislin was the epitome of calm through many intense hours. Everything happened SO quickly ... from my first contractions to my daughter being placed in my arms. The entire time, Ash believed in me - even one of the nurses commented on it! My husband needed that, I needed that and my daughter needed that. After the birth. my husband kept going back to how well Aislin could read the room while somehow staying patiently focused on our breathing. We want a big family and we want Aisling there over and over again.

-Hannah and riley

Hi Kelsey,
My husband and I would like to thank you so much for walking with us on our pregnancy and postpartum journey. We were completely honoured. You are an amazing person. Very kind and patient. I really liked your professionalism yet we managed to build a friendship. Everything you did was just great. Even with the pandemic going on you still managed to make it easy for us and we really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Ps; you’ll be my doula again on our next pregnancy

-chipo and nash

Our family was so grateful for Lauren's support. She helped me think through my birth preferences to consider the ways in which I could advocate for my needs and wishes to help create a better birth experience. Even though she was not able to be physically present with us at the hospital due to COVID-19 restrictions, she still supported me every step of the way through phone calls and texts. She was hugely helpful through my induction process, postpartum recovery, and also as a lactation consultant. I was so impressed and touched by her thoughtfulness, professionalism, knowledge and warmth. Giving birth during a pandemic was not easy, but Lauren helped take the edge off with her calming demeanor. I now consider her to be a trusted friend in my life. I'm so thankful or everything she did to guide and support us through my daughter's delivery and beyond

-Dallas and baby b

I cannot begin to explain how vital Tia was to our birthing process. I am so grateful for her experience as a doula. Tia was gentle, calming and confident in assisting not only me through the labor experience but was really great in supporting my husband as well. 


I have always believed in the importance of natural birth but due to some unforeseeable circumstances after a long 28 hour labor I was informed I would have to have a cesarean. I began to panic as the medical team threw scrubs at my husband. Tia stepped in and remained at my side while he was preparing and was fantastic. She explained what was happening and was able to calm me down. 


Tia absolutely met all of my expectations, and then some. My labour was lengthy and my delivery was not how I had anticipated it to go but Tia helped me to utilize coping skills and coached my husband through my contractions providing suggestions for the best ways to support me.   Tia was a great support for my husband, kept him company, explained processes and provided a wonderful support during what was a long and tedious delivery. I realized the importance a doula can have not only for myself but for my husband too. 


Kate is supportive & very knowledgeable as a doula, & she is gifted in her ability to stay calm & clearly communicate with all parties, while remaining focused on our interests & goals. Kate understands when to be involved & when to stand back. She will definitely be at any future births we have, and I strongly encourage anyone to invite Kate to be part of your journey.


For those out there who are considering hiring a doula, I’d like to share my family’s experience working with Aislin from Beautiful Blessings Birth Services.


My partner and I did not have the experience of a doula for the birth of our first child. When considering a doula for our second, we were unsure exactly how a third party would fit into such a deeply intimate experience, but after our first in-person meeting with Aislin, we already felt like a stronger team.


From the outset, Aislin put my family at ease sharing her wealth of knowledge, community resources, and her warm and supportive energy. She offered strategies on ways that my partner and I could prepare for the birth, both together and individually, and gained our trust with her input and genuine care.


This proved invaluable at the time of my labour, as circumstances resulted in my partner not being present to support me in-person. Though the idea of going through my birthing experience without him was unthinkable in many ways, Aislin provided the physical and emotional support I needed to get through my labour smoothly. At no time did I feel alone during the crucial hours of my labour and delivery.


Aislin’s support continued well into my postpartum period. She prompted me to check-in with myself in ways I wouldn’t have identified on my own during those intense initial weeks, which truly helped me heal. Having the experience of two births, one of which included a doula, I would never again go without. The value that comes with continuity of care is incredible. My family is deeply grateful for our experience working with Aislin and would highly recommend her to anyone who is expecting.

- Sam and mat

Lauren is awesome and we highly recommend her services!  She was our doula and also provided lots of breastfeeding help.  My husband and I wanted some additional support because we were both first time parents and we were both so busy with work leading up to our baby's due date that we had nothing prepared or researched.  


We decided to work with Lauren after our initial virtual meeting because she was super friendly and knowledgeable.  Lauren put together a birth plan for us to take to the hospital and checked in on us before, during, and after our baby's arrival.  She was quick to reply and always had some sort of answer or suggestion for us which was really nice and comforting.  Due to the pandemic, Lauren was not able to come to the hospital but she answered our calls at 5am and was available all throughout labour and birth.  


Lauren was open about her own experiences as a mom which made her all the more personable.  I struggled a lot with breastfeeding those initial weeks and Lauren was able to help us identify a tongue and lip tie our baby had and spotted mastitis before I even knew something was wrong. She also encouraged me to seek medical support from a breastfeeding doctor and together, they helped me finally get the hang of things. Many people told me it was okay to stop breastfeeding because it was so hard for me and hard for them to watch (I was always crying) but Lauren supported me through it because that's what I wanted to do.  


Breastfeeding is going really well now and Lauren continues to answer random questions from me six months later.  We truly appreciate all of her and everything she's done to help us!  Thanks Lauren!

-Mary and baby d

I just love Tia!! She is so passionate about what she does and is non judgmental and so kind and loving! She will go the extra mile just to make you happy. I had some issues after my son was born and Tia stayed for hours afterwards and texted and called me everyday afterwards to check in! I am still sad I won’t see her as much now haha maybe I’ll just have to have another baby. Very highly recommended!!


Kate was an amazing doula through-out my pregnancy and labour. She was knowledgeable, sensitive and helpful with any questions I had during pregnancy and always responded within a timely fashion. She was an incredible support to both my partner and I while I was experiencing labour (on a holiday). Her care did not end there, she contacted me post labour to ensure we were settling in well and popped over with a freezer meal. She documented the whole labour experience and provided me with a paper copy, complete with timelines and memorable labour moments. This was the most special gift, as the day is such a blur. I will cherish this for many years to come. This was my first birth experience and it was so positive. I would highly recommend anyone interested in doula care during pregnancy, labour and postpartum, reach out to Kate, to see if she can support them through this amazing time in their life.


We had a wonderful experience with Beautiful Blessings. Lynne was an absolute dream right when I needed her the most, she was supportive, she helped me communicate, and she never made me feel bad about getting an epidural! Highly recommended to help take the stress away (had 2 births without a doula) and I will never go back!


Lauren was my lactation consultant and quickly realized my son had a lip and maybe tongue tie, that my midwife had missed. Immediately after getting his ties cut breastfeeding became less and less painful and now it isn't something I have to breathe through the pain, but can enjoy the bonding time instead. Thank you SO much Lauren!


I am grateful for the love and care given to my husband and I from Aislin and Kate throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our son. Choosing to hire them as our doulas was the best decision we could have made. We were able to walk into our son’s birth calm and confident because of the many resources they gave to us. I ended up labouring for 12 hours, and Aislin was there the entire time being so supportive alongside my husband. We now have our perfect son and a wonderful birth story. We will definitely be using them for all of our future babies.


Hiring Lauren as my birth doula was the best decision I've made. She has a nice personality and also very knowledgeable and professional in her job. My husband was sceptical in the beginning, but when I went into labour and had complications he was benefiting from having Lauren in the room even more then me lol. Lauren and Lynne really helped us to stay calm when things were not going as expected. Lauren is also lactation consultant, and she quickly identified that my baby had a tongue tie. Huge thank you Lauren for all the support you provided before, during, and after birth!


Tia came into our lives at the perfect time. My mom was going back to the NWT and as a new mom I was feeling nervous. I never thought about having a doula but the opportunity came and I am very happy we got the experience! Tia was extremely knowledgeable with breastfeeding, latching, milk storage, babywearing and any other questions I had. If it wasn’t for the help and guidance from Tia I may not have been so successful with breastfeeding. We are so thankful for our experience with Tia and we look forward to having her as our doula for our next baby in the future. Thank you so much Tia!

-Katrina and baby c

Kate’s support gave me the confidence to approach my sons birth not with anxiety but with only joy and anticipation. Not only did I feel much more prepared for the events of the labor, birth and bringing home our new baby, but I was thrilled to have her support in the delivery room to keep me and my doctors and nurses focused on the birth I hoped to have. I would absolutely recommend having Kate be a part of your birth experience! She exceeded my expectations, she is organized and professional, has access to information and resources, and is knowledgeable about birth issues. She is also personable and easy going which is exactly the energy needed around labor. I felt at ease and well-supported from the moment labor started. She was attentive and encouraging with words and actions throughout the entire hours of my labor and was willing to stay afterwards until I was settled. Your best bet is to have her as your doula because she has a way of distracting you from the pain and encouraging you. I will definitely use her again and again!!!!!


When I decided to have a home water birth, I knew I wanted a doula to help coach me through it. As a first time mom, I just wanted all of the support I could get. I searched through many websites and companies to try to find a doula that was right for me. Upon my virtual meet and greet with Tia and Kate, I knew instantly I had found the team for me!


Tia is the queen of birth statistics and information! If you have a question, she has the answer and if not, she will find someone that does. She's sweet as can be and very personable. She even came to us for some postpartum photos of babe which we will treasure forever!


Kate ended up being our primary doula as she was on call when our little one decided to make her grand entrance. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have had her by my side. She helped keep me calm during contractions, was there as a shoulder to lean on and provided an overall comfort and sense of security. We now see her for our postpartum visits and as a mom herself, you can feel confident that your little one is in good hands.


I can't say enough positive things about these ladies. They were always available for any question I had leading up to the birth, provided me with lots of tips and resources and an abundance of reassurance and support along the way. Do yourself a favor and hire a doula. You won't regret it.


From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I began to prepare myself for birth and lined up the team I needed. Our home birth was wonderful, it was painful, it was intense, it was scary, it was BEAUTIFUL and nothing could have truly prepared me for that experience. For 9 months, I was not afraid of birth, but at 11am on the day Jordan was born, I said to Tyler "I need to go to the hospital, this is too hard," and he said "let's call Aislin first ...". Without my amazingly talented doula, Aislin, I would not have had the birth experience I did.


I recently saw a post that said "birth is something that happens to you". This spoke so true for me. I shut everything out and 'turned off' my brain so that my body could do the work. I was guided by my birth team in all the ways I didn't even know I needed. Aislin was 'my brain'. She thought for me. She grounded me. At one point, before our midwife arrived (she was stuck in traffic) I thought to myself, "Aislin is going to be delivering my baby" and that didn't scare me at all. Our midwife arrived just in time! I don't even have any pictures with Aislin because she was behind the camera taking the pictures she know I would cherish and look at often. We are so grateful for you, Aislin!!

-Kim,Tyler and baby jordy

Aislin was an invaluable support to our family throughout pregnancy, an unplanned c-section, and postpartum. Aislin did an excellent job of including my husband and making him feel informed and prepared to support me. She guided our birth education and prep with so much helpful evidence-based information, and she pivoted with us as a cesarean became necessary and then when we later ran into feeding challenges. She offered so much sensitivity, emotional support, information and recommendations. I can’t imagine pregnancy and birth without her kind guidance.


My second baby arrived during the onset of the pandemic and there was obviously a ton of uncertainty and fear at that time. Lauren helped me prepare my birth preferences and coached me to help me mentally and emotionally prepare. Even though she couldn’t attend the birth in person she was incredibly supportive with phone calls and texts. After my baby’s arrival, lauren was an absolute godsend as a lactation consultant! Thank you, Lauren, and all the wonderful doulas at Beautiful Blessings for all your support.


Lynne was an incredible support for our birth. We unexpectedly welcomed our son 4 weeks early. We were in complete shock heading to the hospital as we had hoped for an out of hospital birth. Lynne helped us feel confident and supported when we were suddenly thrown into a complicated scenario. I'll never forget her words of encouragement as I brought our baby earth side. She snapped photos of our son in his first moments of his life that I will treasure forever. We absolutely would not have had the same experience without her. Thank you Lynne.


Kelsey and kiarra provided amazing support throughout our pregnancy and postpartum journey. Both were a source of emotional support and knowledge that really helped us cope with the challenges of both pregnancy and labour and delivery. Our doulas were extremely helpful in providing resources and helping support us with the birth that we wanted. In the hospital, kiarra was essential to proving a comfortable and calm environment and was non judgmental. Their encouragement and care were much appreciated. I felt more able to advocate for the birth that I wanted with their guidance and care. I would highly recommend beautiful blessings to support anyone in their pregnancy journey.

-Chanelle and ryan

I would love to share my experience working with Lauren as my LC! After my little A was born, we battled some difficulties with breastfeeding. Lauren was able to meet with me very promptly and in a way that was very stress-free for us! (We live far out of the city, so this was so amazing). She helped us with latch, assessed oral ties that we did not know about, and provided lots of information that was of great value to us. I was also able to contact Lauren at any time for the next while and she was very prompt at returning my messages. I am so grateful for Lauren's support, and with her help I am so happy to still be breastfeeding my babe today, and hopefully further into the future! I am also excited to use all of the knowledge I learnt from Lauren with my future children and breastfeeding experiences. Thank you, Lauren!


My whole birth journey with Beautiful Blessings was extremely satisfying. I’m so happy and thankful with how everything went. Lynne and her team were such great support. I am so glad that I followed their suggestions. Every specialist (chiropractor/ acupuncture) that they recommended me was extremely caring and helpful. Not to mention, hypnobirthing app that turned out to be the great tool for relaxation and pain management. During my labor, Lynne helped me to stay focused and relaxed. She encouraged me every time I had successfully controlled contraction and gave me support when I got scared. She advocated my interests in the hospital and created a birth plan that included everything I wanted. Lynne and her team really made huge difference and helped me to have birth that I wanted, completely natural, quick and without use of any medication. Consequently, my postpartum recovery is so much better than I anticipated.


Lynne was an incredibly supportive and calming doula. Her great personality made her so fun to visit with while waiting for labour to start. She is both knowledgeable and personable mix As things became more serious, she was very calm and accommodating to my son’s mother. She confidently provides directions when they are needed and is available for any needs that may come up throughout the birthing process. I would strongly recommend Lynne to anyone, first-timers or otherwise.

- Josh P

Aislin was an amazing support during our prenatal and postnatal journey. At first my partner did not understand what a doula was or why we needed one. After our experience with Aislin he says "we couldn't have done it without her" and he's right. We looked forward to seeing her every time she came for a postpartum shift. During our prenatal care she was instrumental in helping us plan for and understand all our birthing options. My partner tells everyone we know "you need a doula - we know some great ones!" when he finds out they're pregnant! Thank you Aislin!


Lynne and Lauren were wonderful doulas to work with! Our birth occurred during COVID restrictions and doulas weren't allowed in the hospital, but Lauren and Lynne were flexible and creative in supporting our birth and postpartum experience. When we struggled with breastfeeding during our twins during the first several weeks, Lauren and Lynne made themselves available to encourage and problem solve. When one of our babies was in the NICU and we were emotionally raw from that experience Lynne took extra time to visit and reassure us. Lynne provided lots of extra postpartum support, which was a life and sanity saver as we were exhausted from having two newborns and struggling with breastfeeding. Lynne took care of our newborns as we caught a nap many days; it was easy to rest knowing that our newborns were left in such loving and capable hands. Both Lauren and Lynne were knowledgeable, supportive, resourceful, and non-judgmental; out birth and post partum experience wouldn't have contained nearly as much joy and hope without them.


I would love to share my experience with Kate as she encapsulated my placenta. To be honest, I didn't ever think that I would want to encapsulate my placenta. I also knew little to nothing about it. After chatting with Kate, who provided no pressure to me at all and just shared her knowledge and lots of education, I decided to move forth with my decision to do it! Kate walked me through the detailed process and I felt very comfortable (and in awe!) with what she could do. We ended up having an emergency cesarean, and Kate was my doula during this time. She made sure my wishes to keep my placenta were well-known by the hospital staff, and took my placenta after my surgery. Kate was so professional + supportive, and she did the most incredible job of encapsulation. I knew all along that my placenta was in good hands. What I received from Kate a few days later (she was so prompt at completing the process!) was my placenta encapsulated in pill form, a tincture and a beautiful keepsake created from my placenta. Kate provided really great instructions to go along with the pills and tincture, so there was never any uncertainty. My experience taking the pills was amazing, and I do not say this lightly. Even though it was my first birth and postpartum experience, I swear that those pills were a huge factor in how happy and steady my mood was, and just how good my body felt. When I took my last pill a couple months later, I felt really emotional. I was so grateful for how my placenta supported me during this delicate time. I am so grateful to have the tincture that I can use well into the future, and the beautiful keepsake as a reminder of all that my placenta (+ Kate!) did for me. If you are someone who is on the fence about encapsulating your placenta - just reach out for more knowledge and information. I am truly so, so happy that I carried forth in the journey of encapsulating my placenta and will definitely do it again, with Kate! xoxo.


Lynne was the absolute best and I could not have had the birth experience I did without her. From the very beginning it was clear we were on the same page; I wanted as little medical intervention as possible throughout my pregnancy and labour and delivery and Lynne made that happen. She helped me feel supported in my decisions throughout the whole process, helped me navigate finding an excellent provider, and helped both me and my husband remain calm during an 18 hour labour in the middle of a heatwave with no power at the hospital. We were thrown quite a few curve balls and Lynne’s kindness and advocacy throughout made all the difference.


I was so fortunate to have Lauren’s support and assistance throughout my breastfeeding journey. Through every one of my challenges - oral ties, mastitis, bleeding, yeast - Lauren offered practical advice along with a warmth and compassion that I so needed. She made me feel seen and supported during a time that can feel really lonely. Considering all of our challenges to nursing, my initial goal was to breastfeed for six weeks, but with Lauren’s support we made it to seven months!


Our experience with Beautiful Blessings has been incredible. Kate + Ais were so helpful to me as a first time pregnant mom - they were supportive and loving right from the get-go. From our first initial facetime meeting, I connected with them immediately and felt so so good about aligning myself with them on this journey. By the end of my pregnancy, they truly felt like good friends of mine. They helped me answer the tough and easy questions, gave me their best support and advice, and of course all of the love. They were always there when I needed them - for a meeting, a phone call or even a text. Kate supported us at the hospital when we were called in for an emergency cesarean, and I still don't know what I would have done without her there for support. When we parted ways at our meeting after my little A was born, I teared up to know we wouldn't be working together in this way anymore, BUT it excites me so much to hopefully have them support me through my next pregnancy, birth + postpartum. I could not recommend these ladies, and this collective of doulas, enough! I am so happy I "stumbled" across their page in my doula search. Now, I will shout from the rooftops to those I know and love that this is such an incredible group of women to have support you through this ever-important time of your life. I am SO grateful for you ladies. You changed my pregnancy, birth + postpartum experience for the better and I will always remember the impact you had on my life. xoxo!


I struggled immensely breastfeeding my first born, due to a lack of support and knowledge. So this time around I knew I needed some help! I reached out to Lauren for a lactation consultation and she helped me navigate my son’s lip and tongue ties through a latch assessment, resources, recommendations and tons of support just checking in on us. She was extremely knowledgeable and reassuring the entire time. I’m so happy that with her support I’m able to exclusively breastfeed my son now. If you need some extra support, I would highly recommend Lauren!


Kelsey was a complete dream to work with. The information and insight she gave me to help me make he best informed choices for the birth of my son was incredible. She made it easy to understand and she gave me tips and tricks that helped me get him into position. During the day of birth her support was exactly what I needed as a single mother giving birth. Even the birthing supplies she provided made everything so much easier. Not only is everything about her charming and wonderful but her values and love for what she does really shines through. I recommend her to everyone I know giving birth now and I would definitely have her a part of my birth team if I ever have another down the road.

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